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Base Line Surveying and Mapping provides surveying services for numerous types of projects, including boundary adjustments, subdivisions, and construction activities.We also interface with the government agencies and engineering professionals often required for surveying and development projects.We provide the following surveying related services.

Certificates of Survey

Certificates of Survey are boundary surveys recorded with the County Clerk and Recorder.  Typically, they show property boundaries, easements, dimensions, legal descriptions, etc.  Montana state statute requires that Certificates of Survey be recorded when property boundaries are changed or added, or when discrepancies in legal descriptions are discovered by the surveyor.  Often, Certificates of Survey must be approved by the local Planning Department and Environmental Health Department or Montana Department of Environmental Quality.  Some common types of Certificates of Survey are:

  • Boundary Relocations
  • Family Subdivisions
  • Agricultural Exemptions
  • Boundary Retracements



Subdivisions involve breaking an existing parcel of land into additional parcels. Subdivisions require review and approval by the local governing authority and are subject to comment from the public and various government and private agencies. Most government jurisdictions have regulations and standards governing subdivision development. Subdivisions also usually require review by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for water supply, wastewater disposal, and storm water management. Subdivisions can either be:

  • Minor Subdivisions (5 or fewer lots)
  • Major subdivisions (6 or more lots)


Lot Surveys & Site Plans

Often, a real estate transaction will require that the property corners be identified and marked.  A lot survey will find or set the property corners on a parcel of land and identify encroachments, if requested.  A site plan will identify boundaries and improvements on a parcel of land, typically to aid in construction projects.


Construction Surveys

Prior to building, we can layout improvements such as structures, roads, fences, etc.


Floodplain Surveys

Properties located within the 100-year floodplain of rivers and streams are often subject to development restrictions as well as flood insurance requirements imposed by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program. The following documents, certified by a licensed land surveyor, are often required by banks and insurance companies to identify a property’s location within the floodplain.

  • Elevation Certificates
  • Letters of Map Amendments


Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey provides elevation, slope, and drainage patterns for a property. We can provide:

  • Contour maps for construction planning and drainage calculations.
  • Volume surveys for borrow pits, gravel stockpiles, etc.


Control Surveys

We can provide horizontal and vertical control for construction or monitoring projects


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